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SAFER Lab One Ocean Hub Involvement

The One Ocean Hub is a global consortium of researchers aiming to bridge the disconnect between law, science, policy and art to help solve urgent challenges facing the ocean and those who rely on its bounties. Funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), a key component in delivering the UK’s AID strategy and puts UK-led research at the heart of efforts to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Hub is focusing its efforts on addressing issues in South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Fiji and The Solomon Islands. These are all developing nations which rely heavily on the ocean for resources to meet their economic development goals. The SAFER Lab is leading the sustainable fisheries work package in South Africa, attempting to further understand the social, economic and governance issues surrounding both small-scale and recreational fisheries. Using transdisciplinary methods, we aim to develop a deep understanding of these two sectors, highlight concerns in the governance of these fisheries and improve fisher behaviour and education in order to promote the sustainable utilisation of our inshore fisheries resources.




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