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Understanding the life history and the stock status of fishery species is a component of our research that is directly relevant to resource management. We address questions about the diversity of life history strategies and how they respond to exploitation. We use a range of field and laboratory techniques for conducting this research and use mathematical models to answer these questions. We have and are conducting research on a gamut of southern African species from marine, estuarine and freshwater environments and include the large eye dentex, west coast dusky kob, giant African threadfin, zebra seabream, leerfish, hottentot, sharptooth catfish and moggel. We are currently conducting life history and stock assessment research on the monkfish (Lophius volverinus) in Namibia, white musselcracker (Sparodon durbanensis) in South Africa and the gueule (Polysteganus baissaci) in the Seychelles. Our research is made relevant through advisory work for the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries and public groups, such as the South Africa Consolidated Recreational Anglers Association and the Rock and Surf Angling Pro League.



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