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Prof. Warren M. Potts

Principal Investigator

Fisheries ecology and recreational fisheries

SAFER lab photo_Lauren Bailey.jpg

Lauren A. Bailey

PhD Candidate

Ecophysiology, thermal physiology, fish behaviour, global change 

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Chenelle Debeer

PhD Candidate

Fisheries ecology and recreational fisheries


Victoria N. Erasmus

PhD Candidate

Maturation dynamics of fisheries, feeding patterns, age and growth science, fisheries ecology


Cuen Muller

PhD Candidate

Recruitment dynamics, larval ecology, ecophysiology


Kyle Hewett

PhD Candidate

Recreational fisheries and human dimensions


Jack C. Coupland

MSc Student

Small-scale fisheries, Perceptions, Socioecological Systems, Social-Ecological Resilience to Climate Change

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Samantha Mannheim

MSc Student

Recreational fisheries, catch-and-release science, Angler behaviour

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Neil A. Hiestermann

Honours Student

Comparative physiology, freshwater and estuarine ecology, integrated aquaculture, anthropology 

meiklejohn pic.jpg

Andrew Meiklejohn

MSc Student

Fisheries, Estuarine ecology and Recreational fisheries


Xolani Prince Nabani

MSc Student

Ecophysiology, fisheries ecology, fisheries management, estuarine ecology, conservation biology, climate change and marine microbiology


Dr Amber-Robyn Childs


Fish movement behaviour, habitat connectivity,  coastal and estuarine fisheries ecology and recreational fisheries.

Luvna CAUSSY.jpg

Luvna Caussy

PhD Candidate

Fish and fisheries biology, taxonomy, stock assessment, fisheries management


Carla Edworthy

PhD Candidate

Eco-physiology, Ocean Acidification, coastal fisheries, fish larvae

Matthew W. Farthing

PhD Candidate

Recreational fisheries, conservation psychology, catch-and-release science, fisheries ecology

Photo 2014-06-15, 12 16 10_edited.jpg

Mathew Parkinson

PhD Candidate

Fisheries ecology and recreational fisheries


Ryan Foster

MSc Student

Recreational fisheries, fisheries ecology, catch-and-release science

Matt - Kwanza 2017  (544)

Charmaine Jagger

MSc Student

Fisheries ecology and recreational fisheries


Michael Pyle

MSc Student

 Natural resource valuation, trade/international economics, econometrics, conservation 


Caiti Allison

MSc student

Climate-change, fish physiology, conservation, environmental behavior, fisheries management and ecology

nonhle pic.jpg

Nonhle T. Mlotshwa

MSc Student

Fish physiology and their response to variations in the environment; The effects of climate change in marine systems; Fisheries Management and conservation; Aquaculture

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Aidan du Preez

MSc Student

Recreational fisheries, fisheries management, fisheries legislation, social sciences, aquaculture


Olwethu Soko

Honours Student

Climate change, Estuarine ecology, Fish behavior, Fish physiology

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