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The Southern African Fisheries Ecology Research Lab is a working group of faculty members, researchers, collaborators and postgraduate students investigating questions across the whole gamut of fisheries ecology. 


Southern African Fisheries Ecology Research Lab

Welcome to the home of the Southern African Fisheries and Ecology Research (SAFER) Lab. We are based at the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science at Rhodes University, South Africa. We maintain a broad focus on study of coastal and estuarine fish and fisheries. Our research interests include fish life history, physiology and movement, with an emphasis on how these are influenced by environmental change (at a range of timescales) and exploitation. This page is a platform to broadcast our research and interact with a wider audience. Follow us to receive updates on blog posts, publications, media releases and see what we are all about.

Prof. Warren M. Potts

Principal Investigator

Dr Amber-Robyn Childs


Our research activities are led by Prof. Warren Potts and Dr Amber-Robyn Childs. Presently our team consists of 31 members, including 1 lab manager/biologist, 1 postdoctoral research fellows, 9 PhD, 6 MSc and 6 BSc honours students. 

Our current major research projects include:

  • Assessing and improving the compliance and catch-and-release behaviour of South African recreational anglers.

  • Developing an understanding the factors influencing the spatial ecology of coastal fishes in southern Angola.

  • An evaluation of fisheries induced evolution on the physiology of seabreams.

  • Examining the impact of environmental change (at a range of time-scales) on the biogeography and life history patterns of warm-temperate fishes.

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