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Upon the completion of my BSc (hons) in Aquaculture and Fisheries science in 2015, I became more interested in climate change research, more specifically potential impacts of ocean acidification on coastal fisheries. Since my undergraduate studies, I have always been fascinated by physiology of animals in general and when I came across “aquatic ecophysiology” with the emphasis on climate change effects, I saw my future right in front of my eyes. Aside from focusing on my studies, I spend much of my time outdoors with friends. I’m a big fan of sports, especially cricket and soccer.

Pule P. Mpopetsi

Masters Student

Rhodes University

Research interests

Ecopyhsiology, Fisheries, climate change, ocean acidification

Current research

Effects of ocean acidification on the growth and oxygen consumption of larval dusky kob Argyrosomus japonicus (Pisces: Sciaenidae)

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