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My love for marine life started from watching documentaries about the ocean and its creatures and having trips to the sea every now and then with my family from a young age, and that in a way stirred my interest towards marine biology. I’ve grown to appreciate this discipline and yearn to learn even more about it; and experience it as a whole. My honours in Ichthyology and fisheries science allowed me the chance to broaden my knowledge on fish physiology, climate change and the effects of exploitation, as I looked at the response of exploited fish population to temperature extremes. There’s still so much more that I’ll love to learn and experience and I’m looking forward to this journey.

Nonhle Thubelihle Mlotshwa

Masters Student

Rhodes University

Research interests

Telemetry, fish physiology, otolith chemistry, fisheries ecology, conservation and sustainability, climate change, MPAs

Current research

Estimating the impact of exploitation on the acceleration and FMR of roman, Chrysoblephus laticeps, using acoustic telemetry.

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