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Safer Lab hosting the 5th Southern African Marine Linefish Symposium

The SAFER lab in partnership with the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) will be hosting the 5th Southern African Marine Linefish Symposium (see: at Mpekweni Beach Resort from the 8th – 11th of July 2019. The symposium is used to bring together leading Southern African and international marine linefish researchers to communicate previous research and identify research gaps that should be tackled in the future. The last symposium was held in 2012 and themed “A decade after the emergency”, referring to the linefish state of emergency called in 2000, following the realisation that many of our linefish stocks were categorised as collapsed and being exploited at unsustainable levels. The 5th SAMLS will be held in Mpekweni from the 8th – 11th July 2019, themed “Linefish resilience in the Anthropocene” referring to the effects the ever-increasing global human population is having on the planet’s resources, ecosystems and climate. This proposed conference will therefore attempt to see where South Africa’s marine linefish resource are currently standing twenty years after the state of emergency as well as coordinate where future research needs to focus in light of future climate change.

The conference is being run over three days and hosting 33 talks, two keynotes and one plenary on a variety of topics from monitoring and assessments, life history, climate change, human dimensions, socioecological systems and science communication for a detailed programme please see the following link:





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