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Most of my formative youth was spent following outdoor pursuits like camping, shooting, bushcraft and especially angling - which instilled in me a fascination for the natural world. It was during my high school career that I realized that this passion focused on fish and their aquatic habitats. My insatiable curiosity for fishes and their complex environment coupled with my passion for angling and outdoors has directed me into the ichthyological research field. I have since shifted my research focus from fisheries biology to the human dimensions of recreational angling - a niche I believe requires major attention if we ever hope to manage recreational fisheries resources effectively.

Matthew W. Farthing

Doctoral Student

Rhodes University

Research interests

Recreational fisheries, conservation psychology, fisheries biology, larval fish ecology

Current research

A global review of conservation ethic, morality and environmental behaviour at recreational angling lodges, with an assessment of the feasibility of using angling guides as influential bodies to promote pro-environmental behaviour.

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