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Growing up in a small coastal community in northern Mozambique, a passion for the outdoors was entrenched in me early on in my life. Under the mentorship of my family and friends, I developed a deep love for both the ocean and the bush, which drove my desire to understand it and play my part in conserving it. I spent many holidays working on the local cob farm, which entailed scuba-diving to accomplish a range of tasks (not a bad job at all). Those days spent changing nets and collecting dead fish steered me to study aquaculture, and thus I enrolled at Rhodes University. After completing my honors in aquaculture field of research, I shifted my focus to recreational fisheries science. As an avid fisherman, I wanted to do research that would contribute to improving the effectiveness of South Africa’s recreational fisheries management. Consequently, I am looking at South Africa’s recreational fishing permit scheme.

Aidan du Preez

Masters Student

Rhodes University

Research interests

Recreational fisheries, fisheries management, fisheries legislation, social sciences, aquaculture

Current research

The South African marine recreational fishing permit scheme: fisher attitudes and perceptions of permits, buying trends, and income expenditure.

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